For most people, the main goal of any vacation is to finally
get a chance to relax. This is almost always a problem when you are also trying
to get the most out of your vacation at the same time. Though there are some
people who can happily visit a new place and spend days living it up in a hotel
room, most of us prefer to venture out and explore the land. Luckily, The
Virgin Islands offer the opportunity for you to enjoy a beautiful beach
experience and relax at the same time with beachside massages. This is why we
have compiled all of the reasons that you simply must get a beachside massage.

You Can Enjoy an Hour of Pure Relaxation

The biggest perk when it comes to getting a massage in any
capacity is that it forces you to relax. Paying someone to work the tension out
of your muscles and help you to center yourself is an absolutely amazing way to
decompress from the stress of daily life and that is what vacations are all


It’s a Productive Way to Spend Time at the Beach

For those who have to be doing something at all times, it can be difficult to just sit down and enjoy the beauty of the beach. Fortunately, getting a massage at the beach can help you to take steps towards your health and wellness while you relax and enjoy the sights and sounds at the same time. Its easy to book a fabulous St Thomas Beach Massage by contacting A Touch of Wellness Massage Spa & Health Center

There’s No Experience Like It

While there are plenty of beautiful spas around the world,
most of them still rely on fans and peaceful music for their backdrop. There is
nothing wrong with this and it can still be a comforting experience, but there
is something unbelievably special about feeling the sea breeze on your face and
listening to the crashing of waves while you get a massage. It’s simply a step
up from what you will get anywhere else.

You Can Embrace the Negative Ions

Many people would assume that negative ions are a bad thing,
but they are actually quite good for elevating mood and helping people to
combat depression and anxiety. They are most commonly associated with moving
water and can help you to truly relax on the beach.

You Will Support the Local Economy

The Virgin Islands were struck with two extreme hurricanes a
couple of years ago, and they have recovered with absolutely remarkable vigor.
When you visit these places, you want to remember that you are visiting
someone’s home and you want to be a good guest. Interacting with the locals for
services is a great way to show your appreciation for sharing their space with

And if you really want a special treat consider having that message performed on a seclude beach via a Sailing Yacht & Floating Massage Spa like Zunzun.


Few people need to have their arm twisted to consider a
massage on the beach, but we know that it’s easy to get caught up when you have
entire island adventures to chase down. After a long day of exploring and
living your best life, settling down for a massage on the beach is an experience
that you absolutely will not regret having.

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St Thomas St John Beach Massage in the Virgin Islands