Booked a holiday to the Caribbean? Close your eyes and suppose you are already there. What is it that you see? Luscious palm trees, gorgeous sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters? What is it that you feel? Moist tropical air, warm salt breezes, the weightlessness of floating in the crystal-clear water?
Right, now imagine treating yourself to a spa that combines these sensations, incorporating sand, salt, water and the motions of the ocean to provide a powerful rejuvenating and revitalizing healing experience. Sound amazing, right?

A Caribbean holiday is popularly known for its relaxation perks, and these massage treatments take your holiday to the next level. These massage treatments are provided at Caribbean’s famous resorts, hotels and specified spa centers at all-inclusive and competitive rates.

And on top of that, you can choose to receive and in-house or an outdoor massage treatment such as on the beach, or on the deck etc., which doubles the fun of the whole experience. Read on to find out what massage and spa treatment inspires you the most and book it now before it is too late.

Warm Stone Massage:

Warm Stone Massage:

Who would miss an opportunity to relieve tensed muscles? And that too, on a holiday? Let Caribbean’s popular warm stone massage melt your anxiousness and jitteriness via the application of Caribbean’s most powerful smooth and warmed stones. This rhythmic treatment blends the therapeutic nature of stones with nourishing oils to provide a healing adventure.

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Ginger and Arnica Massage:

Ginger and Arnica Massage

Aches? Pains? Inflammation? Arthritis? Bid farewell to every discomfort by Caribbean’s another famous therapeutic treatment. No matter acute or chronic tension, this massage targets particular body areas to ease every part of your body by the action of powerful antioxidant compounds and lactones. And on top of that, you can conveniently ask for a tailor-made treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage:

Aromatherapy Massage

Are you a first-time spa vacationist? Are you looking for pure tranquility? Then, the aromatherapy massage is the ideal choice for your body and soul’s well-being. Being an ancient therapeutic remedy, it combines the aromatic essential oils and their natural and therapeutic fragrances with the powers of a nurturing ad healing touch to respond to every individual personal’s needs.

Shiatsu Swedish Massage:

Shiatsu Swedish Massage

You may also have heard the name “finger pressure” or “acupressure” therapeutics. Well, they are the same thing. The resuscitating remedy restores body’s natural well-being, health care and balance by the application of long ‘Swedish’ strokes along the meridian lines. And an added touch of acupressure at particular body parts traps energy, thereby providing a relaxing and healing massage session.

Herbal Poultice:

Herbal Poultice

Take in the goodness of Caribbean’s organic herbs by treating yourself to the region’s herbal pampering session. This therapeutic remedy involves the creation of a poultice via the use of natural herbs such as kafir lime, lemongrass, turmeric etc., which are wrapped up, dipped in water and heated. When pressed onto different tensed points via a hands-on massage therapy, it relieves aches, pains and tensions.

Indian Head Massage:

Indian Head Massage

Looking for a therapeutic remedy that targets your head, neck, shoulders and back? Then, this Indian head massage is a perfect option for you. It provides a deep tissue head, neck and shoulders massage, combined with a back-acupressure treatment, and followed by a revitalizing scalp massage. The treatment is finished with a soothing coconut oil massage using pressure points on the body.

Four-hand Massage:

Four-hand Massage

Just when you though you have seen enough, this four-hand massage comes in. A pair of well-trained and knowledgeable specialists work their way from your head to toe to work out every kink of the body. This 90-minutes long therapeutic remedy focuses on body’s acupressure points involving both feet, and helps in improving overall blood circulation, thereby healing aches, pains and stresses.

Treat yourself with A Touch of Wellness!

If you are going to a Caribbean holiday soon, and are looking forward to indulge is relaxation treatments while you are away from everyday stresses, then look no more! As you have arrived to the perfect place to treat both your body and soul. A Touch of Wellness is Caribbean’s leading massage and spa therapeutic treatments provider, operating with the training and knowledge of top-notch professionals and specialists. Pamper yourself with their popular and customized treatments and you will surely come back for more!