Autointoxication is a malady that is intertwined with an inefficient digestive system. If digestive system is incapable of completely breaking down food into ingestible components the undigested food that remains in the digestive track creates toxic substances that are harmful for human body. These toxic substances need to be excreted through natural process but if these processes are not that robust, people start falling sick. Most ailments can be traced back to improper digestion and inadequate movement of bowels.

Indigestion and inadequate bowel movement often have their roots in unhealthy lifestyle and excessive mental stress and the only way to relieve stress and return to healthy lifestyle is to visit St Thomas Spa at the earliest possible opportunity. This is a place where one can rewind at leisure and get rejuvenated to face the rough and tumble of modern day stressful life once more with full vigor and enthusiasm.

Intestines Sketch with Guts Bacteria

The most attractive item in this spa is possibly St Thomas Massage that promises to rekindle the fire of life even in the most dejected and worn out soul. But one need not be suffering from some specific ailment or be writhing in pain or squirming in discomfort to be at the massage center. An otherwise perfectly fit and energetic individual might also visit this massage center and it is guaranteed by the owners of this wellness center that the results will confound even the harshest and most incredulous critic about the almost magical rejuvenating capabilities of massage at Virgin Islands Wellness Center.

Massage therapy is no magic. It is a scientific technique of relieving stress and reducing chronic muscular or joint pains, especially in the lower back region. It increases blood circulation and induces peaceful slumber which in its turn ensures proper metabolism and adequate digestion. When digestive system is revitalized, even if in an indirect manner; a person is freed from autointoxication related maladies and automatically starts feeling younger, healthier and infinitely more energetic.


A visit to the massage center at this health center will most certainly result in many more such visits because the results will be so stunning every visitor will try to relive that experience over and over again.

St Thomas Spa has various massages to suit individual requirements and taste. If one has a specific ailment, medical massages are recommended. These massages are most often zone centric in the sense that there are massages that concentrate on back, neck and shoulders while there are massages that focus on cranial-sacral area. Massage therapists are well trained in their jobs and know what to do and what not to do so that the visitor gets complete pain relief after the session is over. One of the most interesting aspects of St Thomas Spa is that it employs only trained and qualified individuals and never allows quacks or novice to try their hand on esteemed clients.

To cut a long story short, a single visit to this wellness center at Virgin Islands will surely make a person regular visitor to this wonderful health spot.