You must have come across the term “Green House
Effect” and how it is damaging the mother earth! Yes the trapping of the sun’s
heat on earth’s surface is causing the earth to become hotter than natural
which resultantly is causing a lot of damage to the earth and its inhabitants. Adding
to the misery our solely mechanized ways of life which are far from nature are
causing several issues out of which the most lethal is the intoxications of our


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Yes, not only the pollution in the
environment but our unhealthy lifestyle which is mostly artificial is causing
our bodies lethal damages!

And we have simply no time to stop and
think about ourselves because we are so busy in the competition that has
engrossed us!

Oh are you one such people who have the
thoughts of wellness somewhere back in their minds? And moreover you also do
not want to approach the artificial methods to treat yourself and become fresh
and healthy and livelier?

Then dear you have clicked the right

Because at atouch of wellness, we are focusing on alternative therapies to cleanse your body and aid your journey towards success!

One such method to detoxify you is COLON THERAPY!

What is Colon Therapy?

Cleanse Yourself With Colon Therapy at St. Thomas!

Colon cleansing, or colon therapy, or simply colonics includes a number of alternative therapies which claim to remove an ample amount of nonspecific toxins from your body!

They do so by removing the toxins from the
colon with methods to eliminate the accumulation of feces. This also involves
colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation.

Does It Worth Trying?

Although the idea to irrigate your colon
doesn’t sound pleasant at all, it is claimed to provide several advantages such
as weight loss, improved digestion process etc.

Practitioners claim it to be a worthy
process, ass it helps in boosting energy levels and clearer thinking process.

Also it results in the improvement in
gastrointestinal symptoms in various cases of bowel syndrome.

 But Be Cautious!

Although it is said to be a helpful
process however, there are several risks attributed to it!

Extreme Dehydration:

It can cause dehydration in various cases,
because of fluid removal along with the waste so it can cause kidney damage in
some cases!

Bacterial imbalance:

You know that there are several healthy
bacteria in your colon to help the digestion process and waste removal!
However, the process involves the removal of healthy bacteria in some cases and
the entrance of unhealthy bacteria via the instruments used. Thus it can cause
severe infections!

Upsetting the Electrolyte Balance:

Yes, colon cleanse can also cause
electrolyte imbalance in your body such as the disturbance of sodium and
potassium levels. This can cause poor signal transmission to the brain leading
to the disturbance of overall bodily functions.

Perforated Bowel:

It can cause tear to the intestinal wall that relates to medical emergency.

What Is The Solution?

With so much benefits and attributed
risks, there must be precautions that you should take especially in choosing
the perfect place for the process.

This is Where You Can Trust Us Completely!

Our professionally trained staff keeps in
mind the necessary precautions!

We Talk to Our Patients First!

We make sure that we wholly understand the
needs and requirements of our clients. Also we make sure that we tell our
patients are well aware of the procedures involve in the process!

Drink Ample Fluids!

Cleanse Yourself With Colon Therapy at St. Thomas!

We make you drink plenty of fluids, so as to prevent dehydration before and after the process. We take care of your kidneys!


Our trained professionals are licensed for
the process, trained in first aid and CPR. We invite you to meet our staff so
as to satisfy yourself.


We make sure that our equipments are
sterilized to avoid the occurrence of bacterial infection and we have a proper
disinfection routine we usually dispose of the necessary equipment.

Surrounding Aura!

Last but not the least the atmosphere of
the St. Thomas Island is bound to aid in your detoxifying process thus helping
you become fresher than usual and more energized to start your life in a newer

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