In our last post we cover Preventing Diabetes and Lose Weight at the Same Time – which of course is completely interconnected. Now let’s get into the role diet plays…

American diet is full of sugar and fat

The typical American diet is full of sugar and fat and very low in vital nutrients such as phytochemicals. This has a two-fold effect.For one, the increased amount of sugar eventually skews your body’s responseto blood glucose. Low blood glucose signals hunger. This is a natural response.

You need to eat because your cells rely on glucose for fuel and to then function. When you eat high amounts of sugar, your body becomes used to higher than normal levels of blood glucose. Your brain begins to signal hunger earlier, so you end up overeating.

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Secondly, when your diet is high in all the wrong things and low in the right things, your body finds its impossible to ward off all the ill effects of the toxic things such as sugar and fat. This leads to hormonal imbalances, systemic inflammation, premature aging, disease… the list is endless!

A diet high in fat,

A diet high in fat, not only helps you gain weight, it also contributes to heart disease and other
complications. Heart disease, poor peripheral circulation and a taxed renal system are the deadly consequences of type 2 diabetes, and if your diet is also high in saturated or trans fat, you are
quadrupling your risk of an early death due to heart attack or renal failure. You also run the risk of
amputation and blindness due to lack of proper circulation.

A diet high in fat,

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Stay Tune to this Blog because in the next installment we’ll cover: Dietary Adjustments for Weight Loss and Preventing Diabetes

Dietary Adjustments for Weight Loss and Preventing Diabetes
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