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In our two pervious posts we cover Preventing Diabetes and Lose Weight at the Same Time and Diet Decisions that Make You Fat – which of course is totally interconnected. Now let’s cover adjustments you can make to your diet to lose weight and prevent diseases like diabetes.
Best Natural Diet

Vegan food background. Balanced food ingredients on a white background, top view. Vegetables, legumes for cooking healthy salad.Consuming a natural diet that is high in whole grains, vegetables, some fruit, lean protein and good fats is the true way to lose weight and keep it off. In addition, you should consider adding a supplement that can boost your weight loss measures naturally, as well as repair some of the damage already done and reduce your chances of developing diseases or complicating type 2 diabetes.

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Q) What are some of the best phytochemicals for weight loss and preventing type 2 diabetes?

A) Green tea extract has been studied extensively and can help you lose weight by increasing metabolism and especially, your body’s ability to burn harmful abdominal fat. Caralluma fimbriata blocks fat formation and suppresses appetite. Cayenne boosts metabolism as well. Phytochemicals also have antioxidant properties that help protect your body from disease by blocking oxidation and preventing damage to the body at the cellular level.

best phytochemicals for weight loss

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