Spas and massages possess unique health benefits which are otherwise impossible to acquire. We usually end up confusing a spa and a medical massage therapy. Why? Simply because they both require applying pressure to our bodies, however, since the end goals are different, there is a huge distinction between the two.

A clinical massage is designed specifically to treat certain medical conditions and relieving the patient from the particular ailment. Let’s have a look at it more closely.

How Would You Define a Medical Spa?

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Medical spa or med spa or medi-spas are hybrid between a normal spa and traditional medical procedures and are find to be the best blend of both i.e. a reliving spa experience under the supervision of medical expertise.

What procedures cannot be done in a normal spa can be professionally conducted at a medical spa, along with the same relieving sensations from pain that are attributed to a spa only. Thus you find yourself attaining double benefits in one go.

Unlike the conventional spas which are focused on relaxation and comfort, medical spas are more target oriented and result driven and are often performed under the expert direction and supervision of a clinical dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon.

Targeting Broader Set of Modalities:

Unlike a spa massage that is focused more on relaxation and providing enjoyment, a medical massage therapist is likely to concentrate on special pressure points to assist in your health recovery.

Customized Massage:

Explore All About Medical Spas at the Virgin Islands!

A medical massage session is usually planned as per the needs of the patient since the same o

Thus, medical spa therapists are the professionals who have been taught additional set of strategies to deal with a number of health issues.

No “One-Size-Fits-All” Policy:

Medical spas tend to offer more specialized and specific treatments as compared to a customary spa. For example you would find procedures to lighten post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, reduce scarring etc. for the treatment of acne. Similarly, you can also have light and laser treatments too for certain conditions.

And all of the procedures are done as per the necessity of the patient.

And The Frequency Varies:

Yes,  the number of visits for a medical spa varies greatly from one individual to another-it is no less than a typical doctor’s visit but it does have several naturally relaxation attributes than conventional medical methods of cure.  This is the reason that it is gaining a rapid vast acceptance and is becoming popular among people.

When Should You Opt For a Medical Spa With Us?

Explore All About Medical Spas at the Virgin Islands!

Yes, that can be serious concern for many individuals when it comes to choosing a medical spa centre and we offer you the treatments like no one has presented you ever before.

Our distinct approach to the Caribbean style massage gives you the kind of freshness that we are sure you have never experienced before and energizes and boosts your energy like none other.

Moreover, our certified Trigger-point specialists and occupational therapists may utilize a variety of techniques as pain relievers but are keenly focused on the prescribed treatment by your physician.

Our qualified and proficient therapists are ever ready to address any health challenges that you have come across!

We inspire people from all walks of life, if you are a person working from home, and your nature of work includes a huge screen time, then our experts are there to help you relieve your stress and headache issues. If your nature of work involves an enormous amount of physical activity and your body especially your feet get tired, then we are there to deal you accordingly. No matter if you are a business tycoon or a sportsman, a professional or a happy home maker, we invite people from all around the world to benefit themselves from the special medicated massage therapies that we offer to get the best results feeling relaxed and returning back to your life after your have gained access to a lot of renewed energy. So, if you have been recommended a medical massage but you aren’t sure with whom you should actually put your trust with? Please feel free to contact: because you are in extremely safe hands!