Dictionary defines reflexology, also known
as Zone therapy, as a system of massage which is used to relieve tension and
treat illness, based on the concept that there are special reflex points on the
on the feet, hands and heading linking to all body parts. It is an alternative
medicine therapy.


Reflexology has its root in the ancient
Chinese belief involving the “qi (pronouncedas) Chee”-the concept of vital energy. According to the Chinese belief
system this Chee or qi flows through every individual’s
body to keep the person energized however, if you feel stressed out, your body
blocks the flow of this vital energy which is necessary for survival.

What’s So Important About Qi?

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It is firmly believed in Chinese tradition
that everything is made up of qi and it is a life force mandatory for surviving
in this world because when you lack qi, the deficiency results in multiple problems
some of which encompass breathing issues, asthma, acne, brittle hairs etc so,
if you are low on qi, things are going to be very difficult for you.

Sounds Logical?

We believe it is logical enough as when
you are completely drained and exhausted after constantly dealing with everyday
chaotic life stresses, a point in time comes when all your thinking abilities
are felt to be blocked and you feel completely shattered. With so much
over-burdened mind, our body seems to be equally tired making us unable to perform
the normal petty everyday tasks!

That is when you need a BREAK!

It’s the high time that you pay attention
to the consistent red signals that are sent your way!

Does It Really Work?

Yes, it works wonders if you believe! Because
you can reap the most benefits of anything if you believe in it and reflexology
itself is a proven to be workable approach towards the fight against everyday
stresses that are detrimental to your health and happiness!

Reflexologists believe that applying
different amount of pressure on different points on your body help you combat
the stresses and alleviate pain.

How Does It Work Actually?

The principle of working involves the
external stimulus which is the applied pressure so as to bring about to the
body’s own healing process. Your reflexologist can easily locate the sensitive
areas of your body which are out of balance and are resulting in creating
stress and tension. Thus, he can fix them up by using his expertise, helping
you return to your life with a new and fresh version of yourself!

How Would You Determine That It’s Time To Go For Reflexology?

Get Rid Of All Your Stresses With Reflexology at St. Johns!

Generally, reflexology is safe enough to
try as it has potentially no side effects up to the recent research studies.
So, you can try it even if you have chronic issues.

However, it is advisable that you consult
your doctor if you wish to opt for it when you have foot ulcers, thyroid, fungal
infections, epilepsy, gout, blood circulation problems in feet etc.


Of course like every other medical method,
reflexology also has some side effect that cannot be looked upon especially if
you are pregnant, it is highly suggested that you should strictly avoid reflexology
since the pressure exerted can lead to contractions and the premature delivery
of the baby.

Make Your Health And Wellbeing A Priority

Get Rid Of All Your Stresses With Reflexology at St. Johns!

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