As the quarantine comes to an end and businesses begin to open once again, we are all faced with the reality that the virus is not yet behind us. In the spa and massage industry, there is a lot of concern regarding a potential for infection. Since our business is hands-on and focused on face-to-face interactions, we want to be able to ensure that our employees and customers are safe from the virus. In order to accommodate this, we have decided to take a series of action steps. In this article, we will explain what we are doing to keep our space as safe as possible.

The Importance of Disinfecting

Disinfection is a process that takes cleaning to a completely different level. Instead of simply wiping surfaces and working to ensure that an area is clean, we are partnering with third-party partners, Virus-Clean Virgin Islands and Virgin Breeze Environmental Solutions, to have our entire workplace disinfected. When something is disinfected, it means that all forms of fungi life are completely destroyed. No bacteria, no fungus, and more importantly, no Coronavirus.

Every Available Surface is Being Treated

Since Coronavirus is able to survive on surfaces for extended periods of time, it poses a fairly big threat. In order to combat any lingering viral strains, we are working hard to disinfect every available surface, and will continue to do so between clients as well to limit the potential spread.

We Are Even Treating the Air

The available surfaces are a large concern when it comes to transmitting the virus, but the fact remains that the virus is also able to be spread in the air to some extent. To ensure a safe environment, we are taking the necessary steps to cover all of our bases, and that means sanitizing the air as well. Through a combination of specific fogging treatments from our third-party partner and the use of filters, we are working hard to ensure that any biological matter found in the air is destroyed as quickly as possible.


For us, there is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our employees and customers. Coronavirus has proven to be a very serious threat to people all around the globe, and we believe that it is the responsibility of every person and every business to take active steps to help reduce the spread. One of the very best investments that we have made in terms of ensuring the safety of our workspace has been partnering with the professionals at Virus-Clean Virgin Islands to receive a Virus Disinfecting Fogging Treatment for the Virgin Islands. It covers all of the high touch areas and makes it possible for us to feel comfortable as we reopen and return to providing services for our customers.

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