Of course, looking good isn’t the only reason to lose weight. It just might save your life, especially if you adopt a healthy menu to lose the weight. To lose weight properly, you should be eating the same foods that can help prevent a number of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes. Obesity is a definite pre-cursor to early mortality according to many studies. If you can’t lose weight or lose weight easily, it may be due to the types of foods you are consuming, even if you are consuming small amounts.

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Diabetes claims over 70,000 lives per year, and in the case of type 2 diabetes, it’s highly preventable and even reversible with dietary changes and weight loss. Let’s get a jumpstart and prevent diabetes while losing weight at the same time.

80% of all type 2 diabetes cases are directly related to being overweight or obese

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Simply by losing weight, you can lower your chances of ending up with type 2 diabetes. Excessive abdominal fat increases your chances of developing diabetes due to the inflammatory response it has on the body and the increased risk of insulin resistance.

When you take measures such as adjusting your caloric intake and exercising, you can begin to lose weight easily and lower your risk of developing diabetes. If you can’t lose weight with these measures, it’s time to look deeper into what you are eating and how it’s keeping you overweight and unhealthy.

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