Most of us are aware that therapeutic massage feels amazing; but massage also provides relief to a multitude of specific health concerns. Therapeutic massage has been proven beneficial in reducing muscular pain and tension; relieving lower back pain; lessening depression; giving K.O.’s to sleep disorders, lowering high blood pressure, increasing flexibility, and much more!

Experts believe that 90% of stress accounts for 80-90% of illnesses and disease. As massage is a great stress-reliever, you can see that we can avoid a lot of current, stress-related illnesses via massage therapy.

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As mentioned above, there are several reasons why people seek massage.  Below are the top ten reasons why most people seek massage:

1) Massage Feels Great:

Massage can be a wonderful experience for deep relaxation. Post massage  leaves your body and mind feeling at amazing ease.

2) Pain Relief:

Massage provides significant reduction in back pain, (including lower back pain), migraine headaches, neck aches, shoulder pain, joint pain, overused or sore muscles, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and muscle injuries. A regular massage oosens all this unnecessary tension!

3)  Stress:

That overworked, overwhelmed, spaced-out feeling.  Massage provides deep relaxation lessening your muscle tension and lowering your blood pressure (by reducing heart and pulse rates).  Massage increases your mental clarity, heightens mental alertness, and revitalizes your mind.  Massage also increases academic performance and ability to focus on calculations.

4) Combating age:

Massage therapy and bodywork improves immune system functioning whilerelieving muscle aches and stiffness.  Massage also enhances tissue elasticityand joint flexibility; improves blood and lymph circulation; and promotes healthy vibrant skin.

5) Calming Emotions:

You’d be surprised at the number of people who receive regular massage treatments as an alternative to ‘dealing’ with depression.Massage therapy increases self-esteem, improves your mood, decreases depression, reduces anxiety, and quiets insomnia.  Massage also can ease PMS symptoms.

6) Accelerated Healing:

Massage therapy speeds healing of muscles, tissues, and skin.Thus sports massage is used and great for post-workouts, post-surgery, and muscle soreness in general.

7) Increased Flexibility/Mobility:

Massage therapy is perfect for people who workout, are physically fit, those who are athletes, elderly, and even pre/post surgery.  Massage is wonderful for improving motor skills. Massage therapy also maintains posture in the skeletal system.

8) Removing built up toxins:

Massage flushes away waste products from your muscles, tissues, and skin more easily.  This helps digestive disorders (such as spastic colon, constipation and  intestinal gas).

9) Improving and Maintaining Skin Tone:

Massage therapy stimulates skin gland production, leaving clear, healthy skin.  Massage to the skin also helps to reduce superficial scar tissue, improving skin condition(s).

10) Better overall health investment, maintenance of optimal health:

In summary: Regular massage will make you look and feel years younger!  Massage therapy is so much more than a luxurious way to relax. It is a wise investment in your health and being. Massage certainly should be regarded as proof to your dedication towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Take a mini vacation for an hour or two!

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