proper food combining

Proper Food Combining is important to ensure our bodies can process food efficiently and more effectively absorb the nutrients needed to remain healthy.  It’s based on the theory that different food groups require different digestion times and different digestive enzymes to aid in the  digestive process: some require acid, some alkaline.  Because of this correct food combinations are important for proper utilization and absorption of nutrients.  The proper combining of foods leads to good digestion and ultimately better health.  Basically, the simpler the meal the better you feel.

Standard American Diet

While the method is easy to follow, it’s certainly a far departure from the Standard American Diet (SAD).  However, after just two weeks following the guidelines in the chart below, our general emotional outlook and appearance improves as toxins are cleared out of our system faster.

Cravings are eliminated- making it incredibly easy to stick to – while the immediate energy surge, effortless toning, melting away of excess body fat and glowing skin certainly serve as reinforcements against any ideas of going back to old habits!

You may be surprised to learn the amazing wisdom available whenyou challenge what you find unacceptable… in this case the gut feeling you may have had all along that staying lean and feeling good shouldn’t be difficult.


The constant battle against cravings, subpar energy levels etc., all stayed in place even though I was following the advice and workout recommendations of the most respected doctors and best-selling authors!

Not that you’ll not see major improvements along your journey – you will! However, until practicing proper food combining, you may have found it to be a little too effortful, requiring a level of will-power that’s not sustainable.

poor food combination,

Here is where we really want to delve into the science of Proper Food Combining so you can understand the “why” behind it all.  The chart below offers an excellent summary for how to apply the results of all the science involved.  And, since this may initiate many questions we will do what we can to explain every possible poor food combination, so we’ve provided just two examples underneath the chart; what happens when we combine protein and carbohydrates, and how to consume fruit.  Feel free to post specific questions in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer each.

improper levels of acidity

In the meantime, here’s a really simplified version that won’t put us all to sleep:  Basically, when we improperly combine food, the environment required to digest it is compromised, for reasons such as improper levels of acidity, the wrong or inhibited enzymes, improper levels of digestive acid etc..

The result is the body’s inability to digest the food, causing it to putrify, ferment, produce gas and ultimately create a digestive, toxic nightmare.  This scenario zaps our energy and turns any  preexisting nutritive benefits into an age-accelerating, weight gain producing horror.  The terrific news is, simply changing the way we eat can immediately reverse all that.  As we stressed other posts here, the best way to transition into a cleansing lifestyle is gradually, so it’s perfectly ok

and normal that we’ll have a learning/implementation curve.  As always, we NEVER need to be perfect 🙂

weight gain producing horror.

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